About Us

We are IGNITE NETWORK a learning community and an Outreach Team,
committed to helping men fulfill destiny.

Our History / Identity

We started up as a network of friends that’s basically Tripartite: We are faith based, knowledge based and an emerging innovation/solution hub.

We are a Network-team of mostly young professionals from various fields (Engineering, ICT, Law, Medical Practitioners and so on) who are passionate about the Change Drivers Campaign to ignite, inspire and birth innovations/positive change.

IGNITE started as a team of friends most of whom served together in Port Harcourt NG after the completion of their mandatory one year Military Service. It was birth with the concept of the School of Tyrannus founded by the erudite Scholar of classical times, Barrister Paul of Tarsus, who once served in the chamber of Gamaliel. Earlier sessions happened as unofficial closed cluster classes until October 11-13th, 2013 when it was opened up to all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to awaken the love of God in the heart of men, engage the mind of men to think and see it naturally translate to the birth of ideas and innovations

Our Blog


“But they all alike began to make excuses…” Luke 14:18 NLT Often times we have seen genuine reasons why certain things failed or people couldn’t do what was expected, this …

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Sights And Sounds 5

Learning to accurately distinguish God’s leading/voice (Finding Direction) for ourselves is a core principle, in our spiritual voyage. God still speaks. His will and leading is not exclusive to some …