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IGNITE Network - its a learning community and an Outreach Team with a mission to IGNITE, INSPIRE and birth INNOVATIONS

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About Us

We are IGNITE NETWORK a learning community and an Outreach Team,
committed to helping men fulfill destiny.

Our History / Identity

We started up as a network of friends that’s basically Tripartite: We are faith based, knowledge based and an innovation/solution hub.

Our Vision

Our vision is to awaken the love of God in the heart of men, engage the mind of men to think and see it naturally translate to the birth of ideas and innovations

Our Blog

Commonwealth: Genuine or Inferior?

“…every branch supplieth” something to the general body! There’s that temptation most times of, how can I say something or do something, or be something, where these spiritual folks are? …


During movie productions, after a beautiful script had been concluded, there are need for the best cast to represent the story, in compelling and irresistible personalities. This necessitates auditioning for …