If Not Now, When?

It is not because things are difficult that we do not try, but our not trying has made things difficult.

Do something with what you have, no factor is a reason for inaction.

What is that vision that excites you? What is that vision that you have always talked about? What will happen if you fail at it? How about if you do not attempt it?

What is that dream that sparkle your day?

Yeah! the best way to freeze a vision is to talk about it.

It is not the gift that makes the man relevant, it is the man that makes the gift ENVIABLE!

What is that one thing you will do today, if failure were impossible?

How long shall we postpone those dreams?




Take your risk project forward!

Our dreams are held because we lack doing power, Knowledge and Ability requires action!

Think about it all the Training, Seminars, etc you have attended, what are you doing with all you have learnt?

It’s not in the CV, its in the DOING!
Little is achieved, when little is attempted!
What have you done with all you have learnt?




We could be better and live a bigger life!
Challenge yourself!
Take the risks!
Become daring!
Dare to Succeed!

Now, I guess am just thinking out loud to myself?

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