Re-introducing IGNITE Networkits a Learning Community and a Reach Out Team. We are a network of friends that’s basically Tripartite:
1. A faith based group (a body of believers that engage in study, prayer grooves and outreaches via events/meetings we call IGNITIONPoint, IGNITE Summits and Syndicate Fora etc),
2. knowledge based group (as we hold Life Classes, Igniting dreams purpose and potentials, its more of a Dreams to Reality hub with great minds/seasoned professionals sharing experience and mentoring others up the ladder, its more like a knowledge transfer& impartation avenue too. This part of the vision is called: Project INSPIRE)
3. an innovation/solutions hub (that arm not yet started but in view- Project INNOVATE).

We are a Network-team of young professionals from various fields (Engineering, ICT, Law, Medical Practitioners and so on) who are passionate about the Change Drivers Campaign to ignite, inspire and birth innovations/positive change. IGNITE started as a team of friends who served together in Port Harcourt NG after the completion of the mandatory One year Service. It was birth with the concept of the School of Tyrannus founded by the erudite Scholar of classical times Bar. Paul who once served in the chamber of Gamaliel.
We believe it only takes a spark to start the fire of transformation in the lives of men, because a tiny spark can start a mighty movement and this we undertake. Our job is thus, to stir up the hearts of especially young people to redefine the status quo and initiate a radical change in the positive direction, turning passions into reality.

Overtime our Society has lost so many breakthrough ideas on the altar of wrong decisions, and great potentials have been wasted due to the divers evil vices that are thriving today.

Times are continuously changing, and we ought to imbibe changes while maintaining our walk with God! Old methods and thought patterns must be updated so that we can lead people of purpose into their God-ordained destiny! In this transformation, we believe ‘None Should Be Left Behind!’ The enemy knows that people perish because of a lack of knowledge. We must arm young people with the right knowledge and wisdom to not only win this fight, but take back the people we’ve lost as a result of archaic methodologies! We believe everyone should be effective, influential and relevant yet spiritual!

Together we can achieve more!

You can also join our online community via whatsapp, facebook etc just ask to join and you will receive our link. Call/Chat up: +2347032720198, +2347065408356, +2348064035265

Click these links to get some of our audio collections:

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