What does that seem to you? Clutching down and pulling the gear or? Well, I’ve been reminiscing over a few things in that light, thought it might make sense to you also:

There comes a point in our life when we need to change gears to access new heights.
We have to learn to move from the past to the future.
We must learn to clutch often in life. Drop our old methods, mindsets and take up new ones. Whenever something in our past becomes so strong that we have to keep revisiting or missing it so much it becomes a prison. When we can’t over it and move on to more or something better, yeah it’s a prison of some sort.

Don’t let what was meant to be a temporary incubator be a permanent prison.

Life becomes frustrating when you are revving in gear one: high exertion, little progress, excess noise, little rest.

Gears represent methods, mindsets/worldviews and tools. The journey remains but the methods must change. Learn to clutch.

Changing gears is necessary in life. You can hear if you listen – that the gear you are in has been maxed out.

Gear changes are only required when power is needed to keep the car moving. Specific gears can be used in different situations to vary the effect of the gas pedal on balance and handling.

This means that if you are stopping, you don’t need to change gear until after you have stopped. However, I am certain you are not at your bus stop yet, sometimes, life may seem like this is is the end, but remember it is just a ‘bend’. Hey! what gear are you on? And how far do you want to go? I am sure you need to keep that car moving on the right transmission!

The rule is simple:
The higher your speed, the higher your gear!

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