Overtime, I had asked myself what could be the cause of the thriving blame-game in leadership, especially church leadership, if not ineffectiveness?
We make very good excuses, as explanations for the missing link of EVIDENCE!
I had severally asked what has happened to the days of the MIRACULOUS?
Why do we only hear of, or see only the SCANDALOUS practices in the body of Christ today?
Yet we are so good at pointing fingers, condemning some and spotting fake… Where is the real thing then?
I long for those days of the Supernatural again, as a daily occurrence, such that will not need any special pre-arrangement, but the kind of life that Jesus lived, every day a miracle crusade, wherever He showed up!
We should be burdened over our complacence and art of making excuses for ineffectiveness, or the lack of demonstration of power.
When the sick return home sick, and we convince ourselves that its cool

, the demonic oppressed are referred to psychologist, the deaf are given hearing aid, and the crippled are donated crutches and wheel chairs. No miracles performed, no conviction that draws men to Christ, nothing supernatural or extraordinary …just arguments, revered opinions, “letters”, just polished speeches, persuasive, enticing and plausible words, are preached with no accompanying signs, and wonders, just powerful articulation of eloquent words with high oratory skills, human philosophy and wisdom. Are we any different then from mere social gatherings?
What is it that should actually distinguish us, or our meetings from common congresses, assemblies or conferences?
…There’s got be more! …More Lord!

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