…Made for More!

You have the power to live a bigger life, live a better life. You are here on a purpose and for a purpose. Purpose beckons on the potentials in you, allow instincts to defy the inertia of intellect first before you disrupt the budding, as you emerge, they will merge eventually. Just BE! That’s why you are a ‘BEING’! Behold and become!

…Be better, be all you were designed to BE! You were made for MORE than this, if only you see the blueprint, the original script for your life, feel the rhythm from the vibrations of the beats of your call to destiny!
Challenge yourself.
Take the risk!
Become daring.
There are things in your life that are no longer you and you know it in your heart. There is no law that says you have to carry the whole world on your shoulders. And the emptiness and lack of fulfillment inside is becoming too much to bear.
It’s time to give attention to YOU. Like the adverts, “if you don’t take care of you who will?”

You were made for more than this! There’s an unwritten song on the inside of you, an unedited script, an unseen beauty, untapped potential, Live the dream.

Do what you know you were born to do, what God had ordained you for and not what you feel.
Give yourself a mental break and take time to get centered, grounded and reconnected with your spirit. Allowing your time to be wasted with people who are not serious is not fruitful and it’s stressful.
Take a deep breath and tap into the courage to make the tough decision.
Things might be difficult for a while, but don’t underestimate yourself. if you are joined to the Lord, you are ONE Spirit, there’s a Greater One on the inside of you!
You will survive.
Yes, you always have…!
Life is on your side.
You’re more powerful and stronger than you on the inside than you think.
No guts, no glory.

You have one life to live, there’s no spare life on this side of eternity, so be fulfilled. Live fulfilled, live rightly, live LOVE, live the life you love and love the life you live. Family and friends may attempt to discourage you. Tell them thank you, I got that, and move on, but be sure you are actually on the right path cos’ there’s a way that seems right to a man but the end is destruction. At the end of the day, it’s your life. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to make your life a daring adventure and to manifest your GREATNESS.

Now, keep in mind, it’s lonely at the top, but you’ll be better!

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