How Much…?

Mr EVC, please find the Procurement files on your desk echoed the Personal Assistant. He replied in his croaky voice to the PM “How much did you say was…?” (voice fades out) while he reached out for his phone to see who was calling, but it was too late the call was disconnected. And there goes the second phone beeping it was the Director of the Board’s mail alert beeping. Again he reached out this time for his Laptop to get a richer view of the attachment sent on the mail. Alas, in a moment, the very busy office was shut, all appointments were cancelled. The psychopathic praise singers could see the gloomy look. What had happened? EVC stormed out of the office banging the door, and dashing for the garage like a fulani arrow shot from a bow…

He was once referred to as Mr. EVC (Executive Vice Chairman) both at home and at work, no one even dare say his name, the ambiance of importance and the respect he commanded was so loud that the deaf could hear it. Guess what he just lost the title and he became invisible, the greetings, accolades that announced his arrival to the office always will be no more, the seat becomes vacant and he became invisible. No one even noticed him again, his name had changed, the privileges were no more, entourage gone, … Just yesterday his arrival at the office was greeted with gaiety of festivity and the trains of memos, the golden saucer and the cups of coffee. This day, he arrived and has to seat at the Security Post for hours just to have another pack up his stuffs.

So my friends, I ask, who was important? The man or his job? who was greeted, where then is this very important EVC that none could say his name previously. Where’s the sense of importance now?   Hmmm!

So How Much Are you Worth?

Very many have lost their worth and self identity to a job, system, friends, relationship or some other things. When we allow others or things define our worth don’t we see how cheap we become? Who said its the job or that person or thing that makes you valuable?

Know your worth!

Do not fall into the trap of believing that who you are and what you are worth are dependent on who you are with or what you have, nor what you do (job).

No one can ever give you your self-worth…but you decide if you let someone rob you of it. Become aware of how you medicate the pain in your life. It may include food, shopping, alcohol, drugs, or relationships which continue to diminish your sense of self.

You will never truly feel good until you learn to love yourself unconditionally. Your life is a gift. Say to yourself constantly…”I deserve the best that life has to offer.”

Live from this place. Make it a point to build new relationships that are positive, encouraging and supportive. Take it upon yourself to develop a sense of purpose, optimism and discipline. Realize that no one can take away your most valuable assets – your mind and your self-esteem…without your permission.

You are more valuable than what you have or do…!

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