Upgrade needed

Outdated or Upgraded?


Have you ever put on any device and you get a dialogue box or command prompt beeping, Upgrade to the latest version!
Oh, maybe you just ignored it and went straight to manage or use what you’ve always had *winks*
Did you ask why that actually?
It did you wonder, I just used this app like a few minutes ago? Hmm, there’s actually a lot upgrade request that had been ignored and had led to some things…

Well, I thought to share with you things I gleaned as I’d been challenged by a mentor to think about this phrase: “100% Life Upgrade”

Just as Softwares get out dated and needs upgrade or updates, our life also does the same. What operating system are you still using? What version of you, are you still running?

New Years are no different from others without an upgrade. When we change calendars without changing characters we get stucked. What’s the new info you are processing or using? What are you running on?
Now I believe all of these get possible with knowledge update!

The first collateral we have in life is knowledge. So we must stop looking for money first.
Go for knowledge!

Here’s it, our life is not supposed to be lived in a limbo. God brought us here on a purpose & for a purpose. God doesn’t just want us to get by. He wants us to maximize life. And this means to make our lives as large as possible. God wants us to be all we can be.

Everything God gives is in its raw state. What excites God is when we take that raw gift & maximize it to its fullest. It’s our responsibility to take it from a raw state to a refined state.

Everything in its refined state is more expensive than its natural state. How much have we improved on ourselves?
We need to upgrade our life in all dimensions. Maximize life!

God wants us to make the most out of marriage, career, talents & every area of our lives.
Understanding a few things will help to maximize our life:

1. Time
We are supposed to be buying back time. We can’t afford to waste time.

2. Right Choices
We need to make choices that will ensure we maximize life.


3. Perspective
We definitely need our perspectives to be accurate and upgraded. Many destinies have been limited by their perspective. Perspective is not as easy as we may think it is to deal with. Everything will be out of line if our perspective is out of line.

What we attract in life is what we perceive life to be. Perception is EVERYTHING!

“Your life becomes what you see.”

The word says:
‘Guard your heart with all diligence’ because what is in our heart is what we eventually become.

Perspective is a particular attitude towards something or a way of regarding something.

Perspective is your Point of View. It is the way you see things. Having the wrong perspective brings limitations.

Our results will be limited if we don’t change our perspective.

Perspectives are more real than realities. Yes,  it’s been proven that the way you see a thing is more real than how that thing really is. We need to begin to challenge our perspectives about life.

It doesn’t matter where you were born, you must reinvent yourself.
Strongholds are not demons. They are ideologies & mindsets that hold you strong.
Perception is everything!
This word for example “NOWHERE” can be read NO WHERE or NOW HERE.
Yes, perception is EVERYTHING!

We must be careful what we see. 10 spies saw the promised land as impossible to take over but Joshua & Caleb saw differently Numbers 13:33.

“What you see is what you produce”

“Your perception is based on who you are!”

Could it be that God could have done more than we are currently experiencing in our lives?

Guess you know that
Caleb and Joshua saw the promised land from God’s point of view.
The generation that entered the promised land did in 3 days what their fathers could not do in 40 years.
Could it be that we haven’t been observant of the changes in our generation?

We need to learn how to switch and Expand our minds!

Now let’s take this further perceiving some practical lessons on how to reinvent ourself from the recreation or reinvention, or renovation of the world that we now live today. The account if the beginning of creation hold some vital insights.

How to redirect a chaotic world:
Remember that we can only change the world by changing our own world or sphere of influence!

So, the first lesson will be
Turn on the Light!
The atmosphere on earth is amazing. God created “light” in every atmosphere Genesis 1:14.
Everyone was raised in different “atmospheres.” The light in your atmosphere determines your perception. And there are different lights in different environments. What if the light in the atmosphere you were raised was wrong?

Everyone was raised in different “atmospheres.” The light in your atmosphere determines your perception. Don’t see light from the perspective of your background. See light in God’s light.

Be committed to self reinvention. Be deliberate & intentional about developing yourself.
You live in a dynamic world. Upgrade yourself!

Be committed to change. Do something out of the ordinary. There is more to your life than you are currently experiencing.

You are not too old or too young to change. It is time to take over new territories.

It is time to build capacity. It is time to manage resources.
It is time to see more & do more.
It is time to turn on the light & say I can!

2. Create your own Atmosphere!
The next thing God created after light was “atmosphere.” Genesis 1:6
You need to create an atmosphere that will be conducive for the change you desire.

3. Set the right boundaries! Set Order!
Genesis 1:11.image
God also set boundaries. What boundaries do you have?
You will be amazed at the results you will get when you put things in order.


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