Hello, can I share with you a couple of questions that drew me further into the voyage and adventures of the wonderland? Can you imagine a treasure chest, seeking treasure that are locked within instead of popping open?

You know, Natural abilities are good, scholarly prowess and educational advantages are great but obviously, they do not figure as factors in this matter; but capacity for faith, the disciplines of the spirit to pray, to labor in the word, an absolute ‘yieldedness’ to God, and an ever-present and insatiable yearning and seeking after all the fullness of God…
Men who can set the Church ablaze for God; not in a noisy, showy way, but with an intense and quiet heat that melts and moves everything for God.

God can work wonders if he can get yielded men. Men can work wonders if they can get God to lead them.

As for the answer of fire, the abundance of rain, in Ahab’s time, it took just the prayer of “a righteous man”! How much now, that we are the righteousness of God in Christ, that all things are now ready, no more shadow of things… The full endowment of the spirit that turned the world upside down would be eminently useful in these latter days. Men who can stir things mightily for God, whose spiritual revolutions change the whole aspect of things, are the universal need
of the Church.
It was said of Moses, in the old contract that was not based on better things, how “Mighty in words and deeds” Acts 7:22 same description used for Christ himself also:

“What things?” he asked. “About Jesus of Nazareth,” they replied. “He was a prophet, powerful in word and deed before God and all the people Luke 24:19.

The loud verbosity of words and the scarcity of confirming power, has led to blame game, excuses, manipulations, and complacency both in the labor of prayer and study. With so much High sounding revelations today, great insights, and perceived depth in the word, we are still making excuses for ineffectiveness, laziness and complacency… What has happened to us? Now that we know better, shouldn’t we do better? Ain’t we made for more? Shouldn’t we surpass the former…? These and more, are Questions that draw me into the closet and push me out at the same time to take responsibilities, embarking on a voyage of adventures of the Spirit! I perceive greatly that there’s a mighty move upon us and by us! God has made His move, its time for us to move! I perceive that there’s a reawakened call to a Word and Spirit commitment, that demands of eternity are laid on us again, to reawaken sleeping giants like Gideon, reignite the fire upon the ash filled altars of private and corporate Prayers and intense study of the word.

Too many of the lies, the junks, the mediums, the jamboree of illusive manipulations and the slavery upon ignorant folks will die of their own accord when we arise, it’s no more the days of empty words or enticing words of man’s wisdom. There’s a stirring within me – These are the days of Mighty Manifestations! Sons are rising in glory! The covering cast has been destroyed! We are all partakers of the commonwealth of Zion!

Gird yourselves!

Its time for a CONVERGENCE! a CONFLUENCE! when our revelations will match our manifestations, our words will match our acts! Arise!

We move on to labor more abundantly, labor in word and prayers, yet not us but the grace that works in us!
Its time to engage the power that is at work within us.
Away with complacence, laziness and bitterness!
Let’s stand in the midst of multitude of prayers and great hours of indepth word study, in precious moments of koinonia unabashed, nonstop, let’s fan the flames, reignite the fire that burns as we muse like the psalmist said!

There’s no substitute for personal and corporate prayers, and the ministry of the word!
Its time to separate ourselves like the Apostles, too many meetings, too many methods, too many Lords, too many of the minors, back to the basics, if there was ever a time when the word prevails beyond the Ephesus Revival in Pauline days, it is NOW!
The word grows mightily and prevails first IN US, then through us, by us, for us…
No land is too hard, no place is too dry, no people can be too hardened if we will PRAY, Word Up and ACT!
Team IGNITE Network Nonstop IGNITIONPoint July Edition coming as
10Hrs WWP BootCamp holds
July 8th, 2017
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“Philip”, ‘Join yourself to that chariot!’ I know a people that go beyond this monthly capacity building, you too can, let’s connect, learn and share to IGNITE INSPIRE INNOVATE

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