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Oh the refreshing that comes on the thirsty ground and the dying shrub, supplied by the  waters from the brook within as it gushes down with fresh scent of a reawakening that sprouts new shrubs… There’s Got to Be More!

We have read and sung the Testimonies of the great generals who emerged from that mighty move of God at Azusa Street, that rang through the earth.
Each of them is like a vast treasure houses filled with stories of the glory of God. They walked with Him and learned His ways. They learned to be host to the Holy Spirit. They grew up believing that the book of Acts was not just a history book, but a living guide for normal church life. Many of their own stories read like a modern book of Acts as they earned their place as elders of the church.

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Aren’t we tired of the status quo?
Haven’t we been complacent enough?
Why do we settle for Thirty fold, and make the Sixty fold so glamorous like there’s no Hundred fold?
Was this all we were cut out for?
If this were all there is to God and our lives, then all the legends were exaggerated… but the Lord doesn’t do so, He said: “A greater than John the Baptist is here”
Am seeking for a generation, that will join me yearn: “I want MORE! ”
It’s time to press within the veil, moving on from the elementary doctrines of Christ, and raising foundation of dead works… We are the more that the world seeks, we have direct access as conveyors of the endless fountain that taps into the unlimited abundance of the eternal source of grace, to tackle any and all of life’s challenge and limitation…

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