W.W.W. – What Went Wrong?

Here, I am asking again in continuation from a previous post here that there’s got to be more.
I had always asked within me W.W.W. -What Went Wrong?
What went wrong with the body that instead of vomiting the same life resident in the head, it became stale and behaves as though it were dead, and is now maintained just as a monument. What actually went wrong? If the stories we heard or read were true about the exodus, of those who were initially termed nomads and strangers in Egypt, men who got their dead raised back to life, subdued nations, preferred to be sawn apart in logs of wood for their convictions than condescend, men who were later termed as those who had turned the world upside down, few men who left an indelible mark on history by their words and acts.Today, we have seen we have seen great Movements of God turned into Monuments & traditions that were eventually trapped by the spirit of Religion!
In the very same places where great movements were championed we now see only monuments of what was left, now structured into what you may call denominations or sects. The power behind the move had been traded for doctrines, arguments, status and titles that had no entitlement of power for some… Many are divided over human doctrines, traditions and views… attention had shifted and anyone who dare to question the stale condition or redefine the status quo… are either suspected as rebels, “over-zealous”, labelled as controversial, or schist, or fame chaser…
What was intended to cause an advancement, became the cause of contentions, rivalry and assassinations in some places. The spirit of religion had blinded men to become enemies rather than raise a concern for a quest for truth!
Lately, I realized that certain older denominations were birthed by missions/men who seemingly had more faith than those who thought them. They ran ahead of their teachers, subdued territories and dared devils until they became too ‘un-conformable’ to the standards of those who taught them. I also observed that the results of these revival labors are still standing till date, the history of Christianity is incomplete without the mention of these men. The results of their missions are still speaking until date and it is difficult to attribute the moves to only one man, who own, determine or controls the move! Leadership should provide direction but not lord/manipulate the sheep of His pasture as a merchandise!

This may be hard but I must say that we are sheep of His pasture, not our PASTORS!
This does not de -emphasize the place of spiritual authority, as we are a body held together by the help of divers ministry gifts/offices that should equip the body and provide leadership, the Lord had given us pastors to labor in His vineyard but we must remember whose we are.
It is true that we need mentors not tormentors, not men who suffer from insecurity, suspicions, not men who want to control and constrain the move of God! God has entrusted us with lives of men but we must be careful not to play God or mis-lead them out of our own ‘thoughts’ or ideology but by the word that ‘proceedeth’.

Permit me to ask those who birthed the change we enjoy and accept today, how were they seen in their days? We have chased the young lads who carried our five loaves of bread and two fishes, rather than receive them, multiply them, mentor them to feed the famished multitudes sitting in the wilderness. We have removed covering from people we should have allowed to incubate within us and birth visions. God is placing a demand on His church to go beyond denominational inclinations and seek the truth of God’s word! When our allegiance gets stronger to our denominations rather than to God then we must be operating some kind of cult! How can your allegiance be stronger to some denomination than to God Himself! Friends, CHURCH is not the KINGDOM! Enough of the stronghold of denominational-ism and maintenance of status – quo that had become stale monuments without movements!

Yes, every time we set up a Monument, religion builds around it, and it seems as if God moved on and left us! We need to return to the ethos of how it started! It is now a concern that the very things that took us up, had become old school, out-grown and unnecessary for some.
…Enough of the Monuments, our world needs a Movement not Monuments!
Oh that in our days again, we will see a great Move of God as He had promised… not the monuments and ‘stories of what happened in those days’…
There is a higher calling, come up hither!
Its time to A R I S E and wake up the sleeping Christ!

…There’s Got to Be More!

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