The Shorter, The Taller…

Just as the shortest distance between any two points is a straight line, there’s a straight line that truncates the distance between where we are now and where we are going.
Its also a line with no complication or poor network, never overcrowded nor disconnected whence engaged. Whence the line is connected, we are assured that it is done already!

You know, several things have been spoken of us what is needed now, but its inevitable that the GodFactor above all rules!
Everything happens twice, first happen in the unseen before in the seen world. That which is seen is usually controlled or directed by that which is not seen or hidden from plain sight most times.

That being said, there’s more to our lives!
Things will happen differently if we prayed, engaged the GodFactor advantage!
Like its said colloqually when they see a very prosperous venture or dream, it is presumed:
That fellow is using something! or she knows a Big Man etc
You hear gossips like, see how the business is moving beyond those that were more advertized, more branded, more packaged, better situated, more equipped or fortified… the list goes on. You remember that story of the “Akara” (Baked Beans Ball) seller who they say is using something to gather the crowd? (Laughs)

Ehmmm, yes I’ve resolved to also use something! Yes O! I too know somebody *winks
I call it the T-App hopefully we will dig around it at IGNITIONPoint BootCamp.

10Hrs WWP BootCamp

Its the advantage of the called out ones!

Joseph had everything going against him, but the events of his life were spinned around not by his eloquence or vast knowledge of Human Rights, Science or connections, etc.
The arm of flesh will fail! We know someone who had sworn by two immutable things to do us good only! Wwe got all advantage, so we must stay at the vantage point!
Engaging a failing system with the tools that are not superior can be frustrating.
Truly Frustrating! We learn daily to trust God even when we cannot trace Him. Its the principle of the slain Lamb that was revealed as the conquering Lion

Now lemme quickly remind you:

The shortest distance between the ugly situation and the solution is the distance between your knees and the ground!
Get on your knees!

As we engage in prayers, things happen differently!
As we use our tongues correctly, the advantage is appropriated!
As we open our minds to the mind of Christ, witty inventions, solutions to impossible cases are received!

I believe we were not designed to do trial and error when we have access to the wisdom of God. We shouldn’t be plotting graphs, when we can engage Divinity in the affairs of Humanity. The Creator can fix the created, cause he knows the frame better.
Yes, the word, worship, etc goes well with tongues (praying in tongues).
You know why, its in the midst of prayers that we lay hold on eternal realities, dominion rises up in our hearts, we receive answers, download directions, conceive great concepts that become world wonders, and marvels!
We see our way through, our eyes are opened, our minds are also enlightened! We make tremendous power available…

Just like a mentor once said, the way a plate of Rice and Fried Plantain goes well with a bottle of Coke, same way the word, meditations…goes well with tongues. …It goes well with tongues (prayers)

Before we move our feet, we first bend our knees.

Get On Your Knees – the shorter the Taller! It all depends on where it happened… its better when its first bended knees, and lifted hands, as it brings about moving feet and lifted Heads towering above, exceeding expectations, surpassing limits.
A man who knees before God always stand tall before men!

At IGNITIONPoint this Sat8th July
6am-4pm, we minister to God and to Men,
W.ord Up
W.orship as we
P.ray in Tongues nonstop
10Hrs WWP BootCamp
@RCCG Dominion Centre
38, Ede Str, Ogbum-nu-Abali PH

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