Draw Your Sword

“Draw Your Sword”

Image result for draw your swordAs the gong rang, young folks representing various constituencies filed out gallantly, properly armed. And their eyes fastened attentively to the lips of the Commandant.

Then came the voice thundering amidst the dead silence: ‘Sheath your swords!’

And you can immediately hear the squeaky sounds of movements from the young folks, as they expected a further command.

Image result for draw your sword

Again he ordered: ‘Draw your Swords…!’
Ehmmm pause the story. Who’s familiar with those lines?

Yeah we called it SwordDrill that’s where Scriptural Gladiators learn to cut! Let’s borrow the lines for now…

If Jesus, who is the Son of God, needed to rely on Scripture to overcome the attacks of the enemy, who are we to think we can effectively counter the enemy without it?

To walk in victory, we need to learn to wield the enormous power of God’s Word. Let’s get so much of God’s Word in us that when we are pressed, it is the first thing that comes out! #FolksWithSwords


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… it only takes a spark!

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