We are not called to prey on each other, but to pray for one another. We are to fight for our brethren, not to fight our brethren. This is wisdom for spiritual warfare, knowing we do not fight against flesh and blood, and our weapons are not carnal/human either.

I hope this phrase helps? Well, its not the gist but it needs to shape our thoughts.

When we hear spiritual warfare, what comes first to mind? Are we actually picking a fight with the devil? or with some evil occultic men etc? How do we deal with our adversary the devil? Is there any need of prayer against the devil? A few Questions for thought… Ehmmm, I’m still musing on some though. You should take some time to run through scriptures and meditate deeply before answering. Hopefully I’ll read your answers on the comment session *winks we talk about these some other time.

Healthy Spiritual Warfare is not about picking a fight with the devil but rather about taking every rebellious thought, system, rule, … captive in obedience to Christ. We do not pray as though the devil is so powerful, that he’s against us with an entire army that’s indomitable, yes we rebuke the devil, and live as ‘sober and vigilant’ against our adversary the devil… Our fight is a good fight of faith, and we do not fight for victory. We fight from victory!

The Bible tells us in Ephesians 6:13, Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Has it even occurred to you that the armour we were given is the ARMOUR OF GOD! Not our own! Every armour is ergonomically fitted to the owner in size and proficiency for efficiency. It means that our Papa, God, trusted us with His size of armour, believing it will fit us and never be too heavy like Saul’s Armour to David in the fight against Goliath. The potency, size, efficiency and everything about this weapon is Godclass! Our job is to wear it inorder to withstand..!

Pause, the armor of God is all about right believing! And it is this right believing about God and who you really are in Christ that keeps you protected and safe from the enemy’s assault against your mind in the form of lies, negative thoughts and evil imaginations.
In Ephesians 6:10-12, the Bible gives us insights on how to put on the armor of God:
Gird your waist with the belt of truth. When the devil comes against you with his lies about you, gird your waist with the belt of truth. The devil cannot deceive you if you are established in what God’s Word says about you.
Put on the breastplate of righteousness. The breastplate of righteousness guards your heart, and the devil’s attempt to attack you with all kinds of accusations and condemning thoughts that make you feel guilty and lousy about yourself will not prevail.
The other pieces of the armor of God—His faith, His gospel, His salvation, His Word and His Spirit—are all weapons of right believing to protect you against the devil’s attacks.

ed, when it comes to any battle you are facing, your only assignment is to put on the armor of God and stand with confidence in the victory of Jesus.
We’ve already got the victory.
It’s ours. Jesus has made it so!
Beloved, the truth of who Jesus is—and what Jesus has done for us—is a light that will radically change our lives.

Approach every battle with a new mindset. Instead of trying to fight for victory, stand against the challenges you face from victory.
Don’t be like the people who think they have to fight and overcome on their own.
Jesus has already defeated the devil!
Jesus has already equipped you with His armor!
Jesus has already made a way!
Whether your struggle is physical, emotional, relational, financial or spiritual, there are steps you can take to walk in victory. Remember, the battle is not so much out there in your circumstances, as it is in your mind.
Remember, God loves you so much that He sent His precious Son, Jesus, for you. You are accepted, you are approved, you are favored, and you are dearly loved. Any time you feel less than that, just look to Jesus.
Let Jesus be your righteousness. Let Jesus be your strength. Let Jesus be your victory!

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