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Hey, can we talk? Well I hope we can, started up throwing a few concerns on discerning the Lord’s body earlier…

Now let’s look at one way to properly join the saints in Discerning the Lord’s body (1 Cor 11:29)
Honoring the brethren, transcends beyond just honoring leaders to every member of the body of Christ with the perspective of doing so as unto the Lord. Knowing we are all joint heirs and partakers as the central theme of the book of Ephesians reveal that we are as much valuable to God with equal access and fellow citizens like the Jews.

Valuing other members of the body of Christ, is beyond any one denomination, or sect- it’s the universal church of Christ made up of all true believers. All of us were washed by the same blood, born of the same Father, God and sealed by the same precious Holy Spirit (no group of believers were washed with premium blood or filled with premium Spirit).

One application of discerning the Lord’s body is seeing beyond our denominational lines with love and walking thus.

Anything that makes us to constantly and always look down on other Christians ONLY because they’re not in our group is not planted by the Holy Spirit. Anything that makes every other person wrong or so wrong that we cannot fellowship together, can never be blessed by others, or make us the only true saints etc is a spirit of error, anything that divides us, claiming some as law mongers, grace mongers, etc in fact that sectarian spirit is a kind of party spirit, and is not from God.

Believe it! Jesus said, whatever honor we give to the least of his BRETHREN, we do to Him (Matthew 25:40). We must continue to honor ministers of the gospel, the Word says to, and to that we must add honoring fellow believers. We discern our Lord even in the weak believers and honor them appropriately.

Did you see the plot of the book of Corinthians? Did you see how Paul honored them, celebrated them despite the gravity of their errors before graciously correcting them?
This doesn’t mean every doctrine is right and acceptable. While we grow and make corrections, we must exercise maturity enough to not allow wrong doctrines held by others to blind us to their value to our Lord. The word says you who were once blind… Anyone walking in error today could have been you before light came, you once didn’t know as much as you now do, and revelations are progressive, as we press into more present truth in our days, we must learn to walk in love and teach this gospel (goodnews) of grace graciously.

Haven’t you seen Saints with bad theology but great passion and exploits and a wonderful love walk? They’ll eventually get it right and do better when they know better, certainly not by blackmailing or discriminations but by discerning the body and walking in love which is the foundation. Yes, when we walk in love, we can fellowship with every stream and be blessed. We ought not to wear the goggle of legalism or perfectionist always looking to point out the wrong instead of walking in love.

Here’s a great balance that’ll help:

We were not called to fix others but to love them

That’s the true debt we owe all. We must stop playing God, and becoming seeming “grace mongers” like some are called “law mongers”. When we truly receive God’s grace we become more gracious with our words, loving in our disposition yet firm in our position, while those who differ in opinions are not esteemed to be in condemnation but honored as brethren, believing that as they also walk in love the light of the glorious gospel will shine on them. … Desiring that all will come to the unity of faith, seeking to share what you’ve learnt in a way that others can learn, praying also that the eyes of our understanding be flooded with light. Eph 4:11-16 will be helpful again, see it!

There are so much God-experiences and wells our Fathers had dug that we must revisit today as the generation that perfects their journey, as it is said that they without us should not be made perfect.
We do not just assent to revelational truths, we have a responsibility to press into the same and even greater threshold to share greater experiences in God. We are to do greater works!
This is not just a cheap talk but a gracious labor in word and prayers. We dig our knees and move our feet. Yes we are the generation that rebuild broken altars, connect with the sages past, blaze new trails, surpass history, and take whole nations for the king.

We are not just witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea etc as in geographical locations but also in professional demographics…etc.
Babylon is fallen!
The company of the Man child is awakened!

We discern the Lord’s body correctly, we team up, steam up, Lace up, dress up, build up, go up together!

Others may look so different from what you’ve known or seen, they may not be of the same denomination, but remember to walk in love, not dividing the body but discerning… Knowing that we are

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One Body 
One Spirit 
One Lord 
One Father

Join the train!
Hear, the voice calling:
“Philip, join yourself to that Chariot…”

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