SIGHTS AND SOUNDS – Seeing and Knowing

About three Months ago, we started a long gist on SIGHTS & SOUNDS during our last meeting in PHC. Let’s continue our gist a lil on SEEING AND KNOWING, as we started earlier on SIGHTS and SOUNDS. Anyone remembers?

And you know what, there’s a high activation of the Spirit of seeing and knowing! Over time in every meeting we have had such supernatural and spectacular encounters but we will yet see MORE! I hear the words:



…by the machinations of the Spirit with no credit to mortals.

I perceive that you should get set to lay hold on eternal realities and translate them, we will yet see more creative miracles, signs and wonders, edification of the body… Bring your friends and partner if you’re in PHC otherwise time and space is not also a barrier – the spirit of seeing and knowing jumps across such barriers. Ask the Centurion whose servant was healed about the same hour the word was spoken.

Peradventure you bear witness please share here too… Testimonies of IGNITIONPoint had been awesome and folks you know what, the technology of the spirit is superior to the scheming of men.

One more time, don’t plot graphs with your life, don’t end in Herod’s Palace and assassinate another generation like the Wise Men did knocking the door of Herod as a short cut in search of Jesus… I’m persuaded too, if you know any one passing out of NYSC or just entering the scheme bring them. Anyone desiring that shift to the NEXT… Anyone desirous of capacity building… Help them!

Iron sharpens Iron!

Get set for IGNITIONPoint with IGNITE Network as we spend 6Hrs of Nonstop Koinonia-Tongues-Prayers

We lay hold in prayers, we cast our spirit over places, we change pictures, situations, …

We advance…

IGNITE… It only takes a spark

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