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Luke 17:20-21 American Standard Version (ASV)

20 And being asked by the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God cometh, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: 21 neither shall they say, Lo, here! or, There! for lo, the kingdom of God is [a]within you.

Jesus said “The Kingdom of God is within you!” Do you believe that the Lord wouldn’t lie? If so then, let’s pour out of our diverse YOUs as in, you, you, you and you and then we bring Kingdom to earth! NOW!!!

Joel by the Spirit said “…in the Last Days I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh!”

Many years ago Copeland was ministering at one of his yearly Bournemouth Conventions in England. He said something like, ” well, when God said I’d pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh it didn’t mean He’d pour from up to down, He could pour FROM DOWN TO OUT… FROM DOWN TO UP!



You know what he was trying to say then is even clearer to me today than at that time! What he meant was ” quit looking to God to doing what you are meant to do!
Let the Spirit out through you… Pour out the spirit from you! Give him the chance to pour himself out through you. Be His vent ”

Did you see that?!
Did you get the gist?!
Have you seen the picture clearer?!

In modern times, what happened on that last day of the feast will take this narrative. The Lord took the microphone from the temple preachers as they did their thing back then in Jerusalem in that Last great day of the Feast when He shouted… “Hey guys! The meaning of what you are doing is that a people will come who would believe in me and I tell you they’d all have a flood in their bellies! Yeah right there, in there, on their insides! And they’d just pour out.

Glorrrrrrryyy! …. Rivers of LIVING WATERS! ”

Folks! We are in for very exciting times! The world hasn’t seen anything at all yet! They don’t know what’s hitting them any time soon! You know why? You pour out… I pour out! He pours out! She pours out! We all pour out… and as rivers join to rivers THE WORLD’S GOT A FLOOD IN HER HANDS! The headlines of broadcasting corporations will be reporting the Flooding headlines everywhere! Its time for streams and teams to come together! We flood the nations, We flood industries and ministries! We drive away the satanic and every evil works! Amen?

Guess you may wanna ask – what are we pouring out? Jesus says it’s the Spirit! But it’s not just the Spirit in the dimension of speaking in tongues alone as we are wont to think . There’s so much more to it, now from it we pour pour out… cos its a principal part!

You know what we are pouring out by the Spirit? The rumblings of God! The roaring of divine assignments! Antidotes that are both curative and preventive to the solutions of the world. Let me say it like this again. Someone is pouring out anti-homesexual power! Someone is grabbing the children by Holy Ghost power! Someone is grabbing husbands, teaching them to be lovers of their wives. Someone is grabbing the movies industry and teaching the world deep things in righteousness! Someone is grabbing cartoons for children and shaming cartoon Network! Someone is grabbing governance… All in the power of the SPIRIT!

I Know there has been attempts before now at doing those but folks, we are in New days… New power! Its a new dawn! God is releasing fresh quantums of Holy Ghost wave NOW! …greater photons of light is flooding our eyes! When the world goes low we go much higher! Like a flood the Holy Ghost is rising within us and laying hold of the world and Satan everywhere he’s found in the minds of men and making a mess of him!

So just POUR OUT of you! He’s in there! He’s the Holy Ghost! He’s been waiting to get POURED OUT! Still for looking out for who to do these? Stop looking over your shoulders cos I’m talking to you! Yes you!
You don’t need a title to do that!

Let’s go… JUST POUR OUT!
[Adapted and edited]

Now lemme say to all can you
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