Out of Alignment?

When we see Jesus, beholding Him as in a mirror everything else that’s not Him dwindles!
The more we behold, the more we become!
The arrogance of meritocracy, the pressure to perform, the unhealthy competition, the accusations of the accuser to resist is nullified when we learn to “receive” rather than just “achieve” – we align and then appropriate, then live THE TRUE LIFE walking in the prepared paths foreordained for us… Eph 2:10

Someone said, and I add:
LIFE, TRUE LIFE is not a tread mill, not works. It is living a LIFE that was not your own exuding a fragrance that is not your own either, abounding in a joy and a peace that are not your own loving with a depth and a sensitivity that are not your own speaking with a wisdom that is not your own, acting with a grace and strength that are not your own because there is ONE who went ahead and made the WAY…

You see, its the grace of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (‘not your own’) , the love of GOD (‘not your own’) and the sweet fellowship of THE HOLY SPIRIT (‘not your own’ too) be with you NOW and FOREVER!

We must learn to appropriate that which has been provided already for us because someone (JESUS) prepared the way and became the way! Going forward, this is the basis on which we rise, every thing else is alignment based on that basis! There’s a huge advantage and ease that comes as a result of alignment! It’s time for alignment!

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