Commonwealth: Genuine or Inferior?

“…every branch supplieth” something to the general body!

There’s that temptation most times of, how can I say something or do something, or be something, where these spiritual folks are? Who am I?

I don’t belong in the league o! We are coming up, we are coming behind, we never reach o! Ehmmm lemme ask you scripture and verse? What did God really say?

Don’t deprive the brethren of the gift YOU! ūüėČ
You know, we are all “fellows” “colleagues” with even them Apostle Paul, oh I mean it as Brother Paul, Peter the shadow anointing brother, Philip the teleportation guy, we¬†are colleagues friends!

Yes, we have received the same Lord, same faith, same Spirit! We do not now have access to a lesser blood of Jesus. We didn’t receive¬†an inferior HolyGhost, or a trial version Holy Ghost that will expire and substandard to the full or original package…
We are in the same league, even Baba Jesu called us brethren, without shame. Peter wrote and said ‘…to them of equal faith’ (2 Peter 1:1) Paul wrote ‘fellowcitizens’ (Eph 2:19) the list goes on… You see naa?

Ehmmm, we honor those who have gone ahead of us, great pioneers, and household names like the Bishop Oyedepo’s, Baba E. A Adeboye’s them, but ehmmm see yourself in the league too! Its such a privilege to be called by BRETHREN by Jesus!

We are colleagues, brethren, fellows, … that should make us press into the revelations that men like these entered to do exploits. Men like John G. Lake etc if we know what they knew, do what they did, we will get same results, see even Jesus said: “…greater works shall you do” no be hype o!

See¬†peep,¬† you belong in the big league too! You too will do exploits! Maybe not with a mic, or on a stage but in a classroom, a bus, on the rig, FPSO, in the lab, with a spanner, hammer, screwdrivers, soldering iron, etc infact, anywhere men are found! We all are to preach Christ, we are to all raise the dead, cast out devils, heal the sick… do the incredible, and yes, learn from each other, receive corrections in love, stoop to learn …

Yes o! Forget the ” humbility ” thing o!

See we submit in love not fear, and then that love propels every other action as the intention, not competition o!

God gave the gift of men so that the body can be equipped for the work. So we submit to leadership, knowing it is to help us be equipped and deployed for the task of the ministry wherever we are found.

Hope it helps?

Lovely day my peep!

Join us hangout and share ‘fellowship’
206A Ordinance rd TransAmadi PHC
6am-12noon on Saturday 17/3/18
…Bring a friend!

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