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So you never miss a thing, I thought to quickly collate some of the thoughts shared last in our learning community ongoing Weekend Word Hangout with over 300 saints participating. It was massive and I hope it blesses you too. We took off the main Series on School of the Spirit and got to a point then veered into School of Faith as a sub series for the past two weeks or so now. Here’s an extract for you.

We briefly take on Effective Faith as a continuation of the gist we had as we prayed at IGNITIONPoint BelieversPrayerStretch 21/5/2018
Quick questions to think on:
What’s the fuss about some person’s faith not working
Do all believers have faith?
Why do some get more results?
What makes faith effective?
Do I need to pray for more or great faith?
Do we have the same faith like the early apostles?
Is my Pastor’s faith more powerful than mine?
Add your own questions the list…
Alright, it’s time for a quick sharing together…
We learn, connect and share here as we do on all our whatsapp groups and on Telegram.

These questions and many more are some thoughts pondered about on the subject of FAITH

I intend to just simulate your thoughts on these… Like Ravi Zacharias would say let my people think

Faith is a necessity for anything in the Spirit

Scriptures would speak of Hope, Faith and Love

So in the school of the Spirit today we look at the school of faith, with open minds… Learning, unlearning and relearning as the need may be..
we start again by establishing that God did not give us anything inferior to any big minister that you respect

And faith is not different either..
We all have the same Spirit of Faith

I mean Peter (the guy with the healing shadow anointing) Paul the Apostle abi na Philip the teleporter we all have the same Spirit of Faith!

Let it sink into us..

I believe that we are now coming into greater depth of the truths of the finished works, the riches of his grace, the consciousness of the endless possibilities we can explore in this life, insights of the in Christ realities, all these and more form a solid bedrock for ministry and industry advancements!

We need to be open to appreciate what we have in Christ, who we are in Christ and how God sees us, it will change a lot of things about us and our approach to life!

2 Corinth 4:13 says

Now since we have the same spirit of faith in keeping with this Scripture: “I believed, and so I spoke,” we also believe and therefore speak.

Is there anything like, superior quality of faith, “trial version” of faith or a faith that would not work wonders really?

Wait, who’s the author of faith?

Who finishes faith?

What type of faith does the 21st century believers have?

Glory to God!

…same spirit of faith!

The Apostles, the Patriarchs your G. O and yours truly YOU !
Say with me: we have the same Spirit of Faith!

The same quality, the same Spirit of Faith – it means that it can produce the same results, like the early Apostles…

The same…
Yeah, in Christ Jesus, we have one faith
One baptism!
One Lord!

Nobody else has a better quality than you posses now!

Take note, in Luke 17:5-6 while some were busy asking the Lord to increase their faith he was answering them that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed as to say, use what you have it is the same in quality, so quantity is not the question!

But why?
Read it again

‘We all have the same Spirit of Faith!

We all have equal faith

We are partakers of the common faith

Faith is mutual in us all that’s why we are called believers!’

Now say with me:
I have the same Spirit of Faith!
My faith does not fail!
My faith produces results!
I live by the faith of the son of God!

2 Peter 1:1 New International Version (NIV)

1 Simon Peter, a servant and apostle of Jesus Christ, To those who through the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ have received a faith as precious as ours:

Like James, John the ‘unkillable’ guy in hot boiling oil, like Peter, like Paul like Moses Evivie! (Put your name)

We partake of the same precious faith!

We have the same precious faith, we have the same Spirit of Faith, we have obtained ‘like precious faith’!
We are partakers of the common faith, partakers of the Commonwealth!

Again we see the word COMMON FAITH in Titus 1:4

That’s it again, common faith… mutual faith. There we go, same Spirit of Faith, ‘like precious faith’. What else do you need before you know that your faith is not inferior?

You’re of the same stock in Christ Jesus !
If Peter without fasting and prayer, even in his uncertainties could walk on water. Wait, hope you know the story is not completed if you only say, Jesus walked on water?

Add that part the ordinary Peter at that time also walked on water otherwise, walking on water would be for only those classified as Assistant God or a selected few but no, even Peter, say even me too…!

Capacity is being ministered to us for incredible results, the order of ‘out of the world’ kinda intelligence, innovations, solutions, creativity never before seen by men, the nature of testimonies orchestrated by the Spirit through your hands in the name of Jesus!

Philemon 1:6 says:

That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus

We see some key words here again in Philemon 1:6

But first let’s establish that:
The sharing of faith doesn’t mean sharing in the sense of preaching, it means participation, communication, partnership… it’s from the word Koinonia, meaning Fellowship. The scripture can also be read thus, ‘…that the the use of your faith may become effective, operative, active, … by the acknowledging…’.

Your faith is designed by God to be effective any time. Faith always works. Say with me, my faith always works!

So, Communication of your faith here refers to the use , the
sharing, participation, partnership, fellowship, ‘Koinonia’.
That the communication (it simply refers to the participation, sharing, use, fellowship, Koinonia…) of thy faith may become effectual (that’s from the word ‘energes’ which is to be
operative, effective) by the acknowledging (wait we would break this one too again) of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus.

Faith must be communicated!

I believe therefore I speak!

As we communicate, others also come to believe, things and conditions align… And yeah it goes well with tongues!
Now back to what I was showing us… Faith is made effective by our acknowledgements of the every good thing…
It is possible to have something and not use or acknowledge or operate it… Faith too is same! You have and ought to use the measure of faith we received.

We come alive as we say the same things as God has said its called ‘homologeo’ (hope I spelt it well)

Never get to a place where you are deceived that faith doesn’t work. Your faith always works. This faith becomes effective not automatically but as you engage it.

Remember like we said earlier, in reply to those asking for an increase in faith what did Jesus say to them?

I’ll paraphrase it is ‘use what you already have’ – Engage!
Acknowledge and communicate! Your faith works!
You probably aren’t seeing results because you aren’t engaging.
Faith is effective by the acknowledging of every good thing in Christ. Every time you engage your faith, it works. You may not have seen the result but it works.

One challenge of the working of faith is thinking of it as a natural force, it’s not. Faith is a Supernatural force working in the unseen realm. The place where Supernatural things work is in the unseen realm but its made manifest in the physical. When you are in faith, you don’t negotiate with circumstances.

Faith is specific, place your order and that’s what you must have.

I realized learning from someone lately that: Everything you acknowledge, you become conscious of it’s presence, so in Philemon the sixth verse you can replace acknowledge with conscious.

So if you become conscious of what you have in Christ, your faith becomes effective.

So one of the reason why faith is ineffective is the loss of consciousness of what we have in Christ. One of the things we have in Christ we must be conscious of, is faith. You need to be conscious that you have faith. When a believer prays for faith, somehow he demonstrates unbelief due to ignorance but thank God for His mercies!

You don’t release faith based on what you can see! Any time you release a faith command, you are not seeing but something is working behind the scenes. See, we do not see to believe, we believe to see!

When you issue a faith command, all the angels get uncomfortable because you have spoken, they move till your need gets to you. Remember, angels do the word of his command and excel in strength, so when you align as the body of that Head – Christ, they are obligated to heed too!

Faith always works!

Don’t give up.

Angels will not sit, or rest till it happens. That you haven’t seen any sign in the natural doesn’t mean it’s not working.
Most times when you release your faith, circumstances may say it’s not possible, just to make you change your order. But remember that even if your need isn’t made yet, it will be created.

Insist your faith works and it will come to you.

Alright let’s scream it aloud again: My faith always works

We’ve established that faith is a serious business for everything the believer engages. As we enter evolve and emerge, faith is required to emerge!

Session II

What we use to purchase in the realm of the Spirit is faith, by faith the elders obtained Hebrews 11:2. Faith can obtain…

No matter what you desire, what answers to that is faith.
And you know, Faith works by love and you know love never fails! So it’s safe to say, this faith doesn’t not fail!

You remember that in 2 Peter 1:1 we saw ‘equal faith’ or ‘like precious faith’

Replace the them with your name that has obtained like precious faith.

We are the ‘them’ who have obtained like precious faith. Every one of us that believes has obtained like precious faith. Obtained is to receive. Right?

The believer does not have a faith problem!

The believer does not lack faith!

You are a believer because you have faith! That’s why we are called believers!

From 2 Peter 1:1
We need to take note, it’s not to them that have earned but obtained/received.

This means

Faith isn’t what you work for but what you receive!

So, from 2 Pt 1:1 it’s not them who earned or paid the price or better still, I mean: It’s not even to them that have merited faith! The faith was God’s but now, it’s been given to us. We have the faith of God, God gave it to us, He authors and finishes! We only receive, and faith comes by the word!

Hallelujah! Gloooooooorrrrrrryyyyyyy!

In Mark 11:22

(BBE), Jesus said, have the faith of God…

LITV And answering, Jesus said to them, Have faith of God.
CPDV And in response, Jesus said to them: “ Have the faith of God.
[[Mark 11:22]] Wycliffe-Modern: And Jesus answered and said to them, Have ye the faith of God ;
SLT: And Jesus having answered, says to them, Have the faith of God.

This expression wasn’t found elsewhere in the epistles I believe because we have obtained it.

Once again remember Galatians 2:20 folks what faith doesn’t we live by? Ehm take home assignment for you, ponder on this:
With what faith did Peter say he healed the man at the beautiful gate?
Oh when you’ve found it again
Say with me, I have the faith of God, I live by the faith of the son of God!

Session III
I’ll quickly highlight something I’m learning and relearning…
In Habakkuk 2:4 it says the just shall live by his faith, but this is old testament. In the old testament every believer lives by his faith, but in the new testament, the ‘his’ disappears see Romans 1:7, Galatians 3:11, Hebrews 10:38.
We see in Habakkuk 2:4 again quoted in the NT there’s a change. The NT text reflected the finished works of Christ.

I can safely accent to say:
The system has changed, we no longer live by our faith, but that of Jesus. We live by the faith of Jesus! Galatians 2:20.

Say it aloud: I live by the faith of Jesus!
The system has changed, we no longer live by our faith, but that of Jesus. We live by the faith of Jesus! Galatians 2:20.


In Habakkuk 2:4 it says the just shall live by his faith, but this is old testament.

Why that?

In the old testament every believer lives by his faith, but in the new testament, the his disappeared

We see that in Romans 1:7, Galatians 3:11, Hebrews 10:38.

Oh glory to God!

The system has changed, we no longer live by our faith, but that of Jesus.

We live by the faith of Jesus! Galatians 2:20.

This understanding takes away the pressure and fear of faith failure as a complex to exercising faith for the miraculous

We live by the faith of Jesus. The faith sponsoring ours is that if the author and finisher.

Whatever the faith of Jesus can do in Jesus, it’ll do the same in you

The function doesn’t reduce simply because it changes hands. The faith you have is creative faith, even if what you want hasn’t been done, it’ll be created.

Your faith can handle all things. It’s according to the request you make, it’ll appear. There’s no thing your faith can’t handle.

The first place to start in faith, is to have this consciousness. Faith comes by hearing and so does fear. If you faith has handled headache, it can handle all other diseases, cancer, etc.

Believe it!

Engage it!

Use your faith!

It always works!

Quick Question and Answer to check your consciousness:

Q. What kind of faith do you have?

The only answer that fits is…

The faith of Jesus!

As long as there is no problem with the faith of Jesus, there no problem with your faith. It is perfect, working and effective. The problem isn’t in your faith, but in the use of it. The way to make use of this faith and make it effective, is to know that you have the faith of Jesus.

Check this out:

The new creation came from heaven with faith already installed.

By default the believer lives by faith. The faith is Inbuilt, there is no believer without faith. All of us that are believers have obtained like precious faith. No believer has greater faith than you! What you have is the faith of God, the greatest faith.

Now say it aloud again: I have the faith of Jesus.

In Romans 4:18 it didn’t say anything about having weak faith, you might be weak in faith but you don’t have weak faith! That someone is weak is weak in faith doesn’t mean the man is weak. Being weak in faith means you aren’t engaging faith effectively. You probably need more knowledge of your faith.

Faith doesn’t necessarily come by impartation. If you are born again, you have faith. There’s the measure faith already granted you, use it!

Say with me, I have faith, and I have the faith of God, there is nothing wrong with my faith.

Let it be registered in you that your faith is the greatest faith and there is nothing wrong with it. You can handle all cases. Whatever you choose and believed for, your faith will bring, let no one tell you there is something wrong with your faith.

Matthew 8:5-9

Jesus said I will come and heal him, and not even I’ll come and pray.

What an audacious statement?!

This is an action of faith.

Don’t read the gospels and even talk like the centurion, if you are good enough to have Jesus in you, you are good enough for every good thing, any thing that pertains to life and godliness! You’re good enough to have anyone and anything.

Stop thinking you are unworthy, that unworthiness ended with them. Don’t cheapen your status by what you read. You are not just worthy to untie Jesus’ shoes like John the Baptist said but you are the feet wearing the sandals!

It’s not pride, see things in the eyes of Christ and the finished works!

The price God has paid on you is an overpayment and it covers for your new identity!

Don’t cheapen what has been done in a bit to be humble. You are God’s own purchased special person… Complete that scripture quotation from 1 Peter 2:9 AMP

In fact if you truly want to be humble, then I suggest you go forward and do greater works!

Jesus charged us to do greater works!

If you are really humble, go forward and become all that God has said of you!

Realize it, Acknowledge it, Engage it!

Glean all the IN HIMs, the IN CHRIST realities and superimpose yourself in your mind’s eyes!

You are not ordinary!

You are God’s Treasure Chest!

You are God’s workmanship!

One way I am learning to read the Scripture as a New Creation believer, is to see myself as the Jesus in the Gospels not me as the Centurion or Woman with the issue of blood or as the Syrophoenecian Woman or the impotent man needing the healing.

Our position has changed by the price God paid on us!

God has brought many sons unto glory!

This is not naturally gender sensitive as we see in Galatians, there’s no male or female …

The Epistles says, As He is, so are we even in this world

It’s a now thing not tomorrow!

See yourself as God sees you!

See your true picture in the Healing Jesus walking through the Gospels and believe that Jesus in you is the same yesterday, today and forever!

I really want to scream at  that statement!

I know something is happening in you as you read these lines whenever you do read them. Yes, there’s a Holy provocation into greater works!

Jesus himself said so… How come you’ve been postponing that all the while?

I look forward to hear from us… As you read, receive boldness to command unusual results by faith in the name of Jesus!

Jesus said he hasn’t found such great faith in Israel, realize you are not in the natural Israel or from there, (some other time we shall discuss a different perspective to that statement). As for you, realize you are from above. You have the greatest faith, you have the faith of Jesus.

Say with me, my faith can do all things.

That you can think it, is the  evidence that you can have it. Do you desire it, then you have it. Don’t let any one condemn you, if it’s possible in Christ then it’s already yours. Eph 3:20 said so too!

Now let’s reaffirm these words.

Say with me:

I have testimonies, because I have the faith of God.

I live by the faith of the Son of God and

Nothing is impossible to that faith

There is nothing that faith cannot do

I’ve got much to say but let’s keep it here tonight for you to redigest!

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