Redefining the Status Quo

There are realms upon realms, dimensions upon dimensions, encounters upon encounters not yet seen and experienced in the spirit, nor demonstrated on earth via the spirit in our various worlds whether professional or geographical.

We may never reach them or experience them so long as we continue to measure accomplishments/success in life or ministry with what has already been done.

In the days of Noah, no one had ever built ark, in the time of Moses no one has ever split the waters nor built a tabernacle. In the days of Abraham, before the law came no one had ever heard God leading to an unknown… We are far doing less in advancing the kingdom of God on earth so long as we maintain the status quo and do not bear a PIONEERING spirit!

We are trailblazers, pacesetters, restorers of the breach…

We are the light of the world!

Its time to fulfill purpose, raise standards and redefine the status quo!

I’m on that journey, I bet you should intentionally realize you are too!

The world is ours for a taking!

Go for it!

Do new things!

Let’s ignite our world, with the torches of the Spirit, charging like the Gideon army with the pitcher and the torch (flame) as that torch is the Sword of the Lord(Spirit) and of “Gideon” (edit it, put your name there).

Happy New Month!

IGNITE your Passion

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