There’s Got to be MORE!

Ain’t you tired of the status quo yet?

Is this all there is to life? Do we really live to pay bills, gather stuffs we may not need any more, bother over things that may not happen… What value are we adding to our world? What solutions are coming from us to our world? Is it not possible to break the glass ceiling? Is it no longer possible to raise standards, fulfill dreams,  exceed expectations, surpass limits, blaze trails?

It is possible, we have the advantage that surpass human, natural intelligence systems. There’s a faculty operational in us that causes it to be. Yes we believe so, and it only takes a spark!

At IGNITE Network, we believe it only takes a spark to IGNITE your inner fire…

We believe that a mighty flame follows a tiny spark!

Oh yes, a tiny spark can start a mighty movement!

So we engage and beckon on tribesmen to taking the world for the kingdom of God via ministry and industry!

Collaboration has become the new competition, so we collaborate as a winning team, complimenting each other, cheering each other on, succeeding together, igniting and fanning into flame purpose, potential,…

We believe in redefining the status quo!

There’s gotta be MORE…!

We are Team IGNITE

Yes here’s our hub of creating solutions, innovations, effecting interventions, making motions with divine intuitions!

It goes well with tongues! So we engage it monthly every second weekend then gather for Syndicate Sessions forth – nightly (although dates are flexible), we also meet as learning community of industry and ministry leaders gaining clarity, sharpening each other and rising together.

Join us in 6hrs of Koinonia as we build capacity!

…changing pictures,

painting desired future,

changing structures,

resetting systems,

setting courses,

making motion,

harnessing utterances…


this Sat 9th June at

206A Ordinance Road, TransAmadi PHC

And we continue in a Word Meet-up

Syndicate Session on Sunday 10th June at The Promise Sasun Roundabout Odili road…

We also enter, evolve and emerge

Starting why? Join us remove the lid, learn and leap with Reigner Davies at Project INSPIRE. To attend, call/whatsapp to register via +2347065408356, 2347032720198

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