Project INSPIRE 4.0

Do you have some dreams in your heart that have been pending?

Do you seek an ambience of like minds to connect, learn and share?

Are you open to challenge the norms of life that have become glass ceilings.

Are you willing to redefine the status quo?

Are you ready to enter, evolve and emerge in the big league?

Yes we’re on that journey too.
There’s gotta be more to our lives our success in industry and ministry. Leadership and vision does not end in the board room.

As we take responsibilities to graciously reach for the zest of our giftings, we must keep honing our skills, never be afraid of words like this is your END. Have you heard the word END before, its amazing to know it should be seen as Efforts Never Die!

When people say words like FAIL what comes to mind really? No matter where we are, or what we do, we never fail!

One pivotal rule in swimming is that water should stay outside, while air stays inside; so if you have to breathe, ensure that your head is out of the water: drowning begins when this rule is not adhered to.
Every time we allow weaknesses and circumstances (especially those we cannot alter like history, birth conditions, or past unpleasant experiences), get in the way of our energy, enthusiasm & drive towards fulfilling our dreams, right then, we begin the process of drowning…

I believe, People don’t fail, people only give up too soon.
Who said you failed?
Its your
F -first
A -Attempt
I -In
L -Learning
Brace Up!
Its just your F.A.I.L.

Each of us can learn from another, as we may not have all the time to make all the mistakes before learning. We can leverage on the learning points available.

Now, I’m so excited to say by our frame work, we do not only pray in tongues, we are excellent, influential, and relevant. We rule our worlds for the king, whether Media, Entertainment, Technology Engineering, whatever worlds we are found!

I like you to join us at Project INSPIRE, an event that had overtime helped to bridge the gap for folks with a passion to birth dreams, translate visions to realities, ignite potentials and make the big jump! Its intended to be a Life Class for Leadership, Industry (Business/Entrepreneurs-StartUps),a dream/potential actualization hub and Ministry. Past editions have attracted participants from all sector, professionals, Business/Entrepreneurial Coach, Managers, Google Representative, ICT Experts, Leaders in Engineering etc

We seat together this Sunday 17th June, 2018 evening hours in a relaxed atmosphere to remove the lid, learn and leap with our Key Note Speaker – Reigner Davies College Director of MouldBreak, a Creative Designer and a highly sought after Speaker at events, and also featured as a TEDx Guest, and other related of such. For us, its gonna be a school of Wisdom.

Here’s how you can join. Its a free event but registration is vital
Click, fill out a form:

There’s more to our lives, than we’ve seen. There’s a next phase that require that quantum leap, this is why we believe that it only takes a spark! A tiny spark can start a mighty movement!

Are you ready?

Now tell others about the event
Project INSPIRE 4.0
5 – 8pm
Sun 17th June, 2018
@ NCCF Hall 206A Ordinance Road, TransAmadi, PHC, NG

If you missed it, don’t worry we had you in mind still. To download the Audioclip after this event just click this: ProjectINSPIRE with Reigner Davies at IGNITE NETWORK

We meet up again at IGNITIONPoint July 14th at TransAmadi PHC. To get more updates on events and join our close study community, click to join our freshers WhatsApp Group

Also join our community on and join our facebook group too and listen to some clips of past sessions

Moses Evivie
For: IGNITE Network

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