I believe God is using every event in our lives to prepare us for something incredible. The good, the bad. The highs, the lows. The victories and the ‘defeats’. It could all become part of His divine strategy, where all things would eventually work for good.

You see, God is a strategic thinker, and He has a strategic plan for our life. And the best part about that is . . . God’s plan for our lives is bigger than we can imagine. He wants to do the miraculous in our situation. God doesn’t just think differently than we do in terms of perspectives and overall pictures; His thinking is strategically greater than ours could ever be but He gave us that same capacity to be as He is, to know what men may never know without help, we have access to the same mind, but how effectively we use this is dependent on us.

While we may be seeing the temporal, God is seeing the eternal. Though our plans are limited, God’s plans are limitless. And He is bringing His limitless plan forth in our life.

Remember that in the fifth chapter of Exodus, the people of God were harshly oppressed by the Egyptians, forced to gather their own straw to make bricks. Their response is very interesting—it shows us the limitation of our own planning. When the Hebrew children met opposition, instead of praying for deliverance, they responded by crying out for . . . straw.
Do you see the limitation in that thinking?
God was working to miraculously deliver a people and build a nation, but they were focused on building bricks.
What about you? Could the same be said of you?
Far too many believers today are praying for straw. They live according to their own limited plan, and they pray according to their own limited circumstances. This is a straw mentality. It’s time to change that; God has something greater in store.
God doesn’t want you to beg for straw; He wants you to believe for miracles.
Just as God had planned the miraculous for the Israelites before they could even see it, He is planning to do miraculous things in your life. Are you ready to see it? Are you ready to believe for it?
Let me challenge you:

Don’t focus on today’s struggle; focus on tomorrow’s victory.
Don’t just pray about a job; pray for a company.
Don’t look for a way out; determine to find a way up.

Be encouraged. God has a strategy for your life, and that strategy is greater than anything you could have planned on your own. Trust His plan for your life and prepare for the miraculous

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