…S T R E T C H !

The days we live in are quite unusual and demanding as well I know you will agree with me too. There’s so much need to learn to build capacity, pay attention to ourselves and leverage on the right company too. We cannot also underestimate the place of stretching ourselves in hours of discipline, training and flourishing in the place of prayers. It is how we make tremendous power available to remain relevant and outstanding in every endeavour we find ourselves. So doing we generate power and deploy the anointing… Lemme quickly share with you haven read from others.

John G.Lake once talked about a man who after praying for hours went to a Senator’s office and the Senator ran under his table upon setting his eyes on him…

When an anointing is generated by prayer, no one can measure it. Truly, someone who prays to prepare for just a meeting, or meet a need is different from another who prays always to make power available.

When we pray in other tongues protractedly, we let out unfathomable possibilities, power and miracles; the Spirit builds us up to a benchmark where at this level anything can happen in or through us. This is how the gifts of the Spirit are unlocked and all needs met.

The word translated “filled” in Ephesians 5: 18 actually depicts “a continuous and consistent action.” Paul was actually telling the believers at Ephesus to “BE BEING FILLED with the Spirit.” There is one initial infilling of the Holy Ghost which is the baptism in the Holy Ghost, but there are many infillings throughout our life. Being filled with the Spirit is not a one-time event. It is a continuous and lifelong experience. There’s no stopping in the Spirit life.

The more spiritual a believer becomes, the better He will be able to bless and impart other believers and unbelievers alike.

The Spirit explodes in a man and turns him to be another man. The activation of the Spirit upon a man is all that is needed to distinguish him from others who are trying to fix things through the senses (Zechariah 4: 6)

The release of the Spirit through us brings the infinite gain. The more we receive the in-rushing of the spirit, the purer we become, and the better we can be able to bear and dispense the realities of God via our mortal bodies.

Nothing is actually impossible with a man devoted to prayer.

Amongst other things that we do as IGNITE, every second weekend (dates are flexible though) in Port Harcourt we hold a fellowship of burning saints at TransAmadi (venues also flexible) where we connect, learn and share, as we protractedly pray in the spirit. Numerous testimonies of the miraculous, divine directions, unusual insights, uncommon ideas for ministry and industry, activation of the spirit, dreams, impetus for action etc follows  as results – you should plan to attend!

Join Team IGNITE

This Saturday 14th July, 2018 by 6am – 12noon we meet at 206A Ordinance road by Sasun Hotel, TransAmadi, PHC


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