Pictures leave lasting impression and permanence. They impart details in short time. Ever wondered how Noah received details of the ark? How Moses saw details of the tabernacle? How Abraham received the promise of nations in his loins? How Paul in three years got details of Salvation, Redemption and the Revelations he got?

God communicates in pictures – visions and revelations. Primarily we see God communicating in pictures all through scriptures. Scriptures become stubborn pictures that becomes our confession, dictating our action that alters situations. No wonder, Habakkuk said: ‘I will take my stand upon the watch to SEE what He will SAY…’ Hab 2:1. Even words can be seen!

Until pictures are changed, limitations are fixed. There are God pictures that impacts God sized vision, capacity and strategies.

It is also as we pray that, we see pictures changing, capacity is ministered, actionable steps, like a eating Giants for breakfast and not deterred by their sizes. Pictures that framed the thought patterns of Nations are also being changed in prayers. We conceive a picture of our Nation where things are working! The elections are safe, lives are preserved! Peace within our borders!

We look at the perfect Law of liberty as we pray, and we receive illumination, transfiguration, transformations where it matters most!

It’s a season of harvest indeed! We go forth Birthing Dreams Setting Courses, Finding Directions
In every industry, we bring ministry, through us God would have men saved and brought to the knowledge of the truth!

As we pray, we muse on the word, ruminating on the Lord’s dealings in our heart. We pick sound codes, sights and sounds of the Supernatural. We document them and leverage on them.

Yes, we bend our knees and move our feet!

Plan to partake of IGNITE February 9th and 23rd Special Editions 2019!
It’s Sights and Sounds – Prayers, Worship, Prophetic and Word
Sat 9th February we will be at Bukka by Choice (Upstairs) 4A Agudama Str D-Line near First Bank Garrison Branch after Garrisson B/Stop Aba Road, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

And 6am-12noon on Sat 23rd February we will be at
206A Ordinance Rd by Sasun Hotel, TransAmadi PHC

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