Sights And Sounds 5

Learning to accurately distinguish God’s leading/voice (Finding Direction) for ourselves is a core principle, in our spiritual voyage.
God still speaks. His will and leading is not exclusive to some special sect only.

As we walk with the Lord we ought to learn to accurately hear the Holy Spirit for ourselves, this is aided by what we now call Sights And Sounds . We see and know from seeing and hearing (Mtt 13:16). Hence we say, it is seeing and hearing that convert to seeing and knowing. We are led of the Spirit and engage in utterances as we build up & get sharpened. This is also how go on, BirthingDreams, SettingCourses, FindingDirections
Now, as we learn to accurately discern what God is saying for ourselves, the revelations shared by others whether from books or tapes or whatever format, supplies confirmation, enlarges or adds new dimensions to color and cloth the core concepts and revelation directly received WITHOUT DETRACTING from the INTIMACY of RELATIONSHIP with the FATHER or in any way taking it’s place.

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Join our Tribesmen
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Believers PrayerStretch
206A Ordinance, TransAmadi PHC

And Last Saturdays for Specialized Sessions 2-5pm at D/Line PHC

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