We are now less than 5 days to the end of the year already. Perhaps, you were wondering, where did time go? I hope you have enjoyed God’s grace in a new way this year.

I’m about to throw thoughts on Dealing With End of Year Fever

A kind of fever people catch in December 😁

I know you’ve heard of yellow fever, typhoid fever, etc ehmm this one is not like those ones, nobody can be diagnosed via medical laboratory diagnosis the ailment called; End of year fever.

We know as the year comes to an end, the thoughts of regret and self pity tends to creep in due to reflection which is healthy but if left unchecked it can be counter productive for us. Let me share how you can overcome this ‘end of the year fever’ from lessons learnt from Mentors that have also helped me too.

Here are pills to kill this anxiety, fear, fever, and regrets

The first thing to do is be THANKFUL! Yes, be grateful for what you have and what you do not have.

There is always something in our lives to be grateful for no matter how small. 2019 might not have been your finest moment but you are still here to do something about it. If you lost anything, God is the reason you did not lose everything. You are here! There is hope for you!

You are still standing!

Be thankful and I guarantee you if you do this you will even be more excited about 2020 and filled with

Waiting for the second pill to deal with End of Year fever?

Here it comes!

Next thing to do is TAKE STOCK.

Take time out to look at what hasn’t worked and how you could do better next time. It is very important to do this so we can grow.

If you have made certain investments and they didn’t come out how you hoped, walkthrough it and you will discover what you could do better next time. Learn from the past but live in the present.


Yes, don’t give up, never give up and stay focused.

Take this seriously

Pray about everything. Nothing is out of God’s reach in your life and I mean nothing.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in what is not working and how we need to work hard that we start to think God isn’t interested in the smallest detail in our lives.

St. Augustine quotes says- ‘pray as though everything depends on God and work as though everything depends on you’  Now I say pray as though it all depends on God and work as though you believed He has answered, so its your turn to do corresponding actions and nothing will fail anymore.

Yes, work hard and act in faith. This does not replace or get substituted for *prayer*

Prayer van never be substituted with efforts.

The scriptures said: the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truths. Prayer is how we stay connected and receive clear guidance and discover new dreams and visions for our lives.

Next pill,

Be GROWTH ORIENTED and Set goals – We have had many teaching on this and how to achieve them.

Finally, help others find their way like the IGNITE Team leadership and I is doing for You and many others not yet on this group now.

You will be surprised how much you would learn and grow when you teach or show other people how to be better. Don’t keep your victories or solutions to yourself why not share it. *Your life can’t just be about you and your needs*. If your life is all about you then your life is limited to just you.

Help others get what they want or need and you will even have more than you could ever dream or pray for.

I hope you would share this with other people. Get on social media, tag @ignitenetworkng and paste some of these to help friends or forward to groups or those who will need it. Now join this faith confession and paste it on social media too with a link to this;

I am [insert your name] and I am grateful for every blessing, and every measure of progress made this 2019. I Declare:

it will only end in praise!

All mountains are surmountable!

I engage the advantage ahead, from the vantage point, and advance ahead as the mountains skip like little lambs! Through me souls are saved, many come to righteousness and Jesus is glorified

Yes, all my needs are met in the name of Jesus…!

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We begin the year not with strategic planning but protracted praying, downloading blueprints, answers, directions and engaging the advantage because the spiritual controls the physical. This is what inspires any planning and action. Why should you miss this if you are in Port Harcourt Nigeria?

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