Lately my attention was drawn to some meanings, not to build a doctrine but just an exhortations of some sort drawing from shadows.

Ezra’s name means my helper. Nehemiah’s name means comforter.

Ezra and Nehemiah working together can actually paint a picture of the work of the Holy Spirit in this time of reformation. Along with prophets like Haggai and Zechariah encouraging the people they brought about restoration in the midst of great chaos, Creating from Chaos, birthing out of the ruins of their days.  By the way, we have a fine ebook coming out soon this July on CREATING FROM CHAOS, follow us on social media to get a copy of it.

They were all builders creating new paradigms in chaos. We can learn and do better especially in these days of recovery from the global pandemic.

If only we will LET, ALLOW, PERMIT… too, I believe there’s gotta be MORE.
Let the Holy Spirit build us up on our most holy faith today.

How? You wanna ask. Edify build yourself up by praying in the spirit. It’s a worthy lifestyle mixing this with in depth seeking…

In these days people are not looking for entertainment, it’ll take ‘containment’ to pull some spiritual stunts, not grammar but power as well. It’s with great power and great grace that God gave the Apostles witness Acts 4:33

There is a need for men to have an encounter with the Holy Spirit through us. Oh what a beauty it’ll be to live as unconscious or involuntary GodLife dispensers everywhere we turn both at workplaces, market places, every place where men are found?!

Yes, we will go large on spirituals, yielding to and allowing the flows of the Spirit unscripted, uncensored, daily and everywhere.

Can I get an Amen?!


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