Best, Past, Next… Which one?

Imagine the gist, he was the best until the next … arrived cos he failed the test. Shall we now call such the past best? Whose fault? Why, what happened? Can the most in demand be annexed like it never existed just in a short while? Everyone resorted to him, he was the popular choice, his products were everywhere but the inexperienced one who came next, did so well until the test of knowledge revealed he was not in sync but well brandished in what was no longer needed, cos orientation had shifted. You see this is why as good as branding may be, it could be overrated if the brand over-promises and under-delivers. Wait have you experienced that before? After all the hypes, you get close and you’re wondering what?

How people change with changing times, you see products, people, preferences have been observed to change with time all to maintain relevance, ant underlying factor remains that:

Principles remain but methods may change. So in matters of principles the genuine are firm and unmoving but in  preferences they just swim with the current.

The case for Upgrade, the need to intentionally grow more, the understanding of the times, is believed to be crucial for relevance in a fast changing times with so much access to knowledge like now.

I’m beginning to notice that in a few years time, certain norms, industry leaders, popular choices of products/people, methods, even “selling messages” will become antiquated, rejected and criminal to men… You see so much more demand is placed on us to be ahead, to learn, unlearn and relearn without vilifying or resenting any condition or persons that exposed our need to do so.

Nokia boss once said “…we did not do anything wrong but we lost” such was the case when they ran out of business. Same way, digital pictures antiquated companies like Kodak… By the way, I’ll appreciate any demand to revisit whatever will keep me on the cutting edge too *winks

In a world changing at such a ridiculous pace,  experience is so quickly replaced with knowledge. Experience is good but it needs updated knowledge to still be relevant.

For example the guys who were the leaders of cellphone industry many years ago, Motorola and Nokia are completely out of tune with Apple and Samsung. In fact their latest products are now modelled on Apple and Samsung. They have history on their side but not necessarily the current time and a future time on their side.

The point is this, all of us have experience in something at some level but it is simply not good enough. So many experienced individuals cannot be employed because they just do not have present day knowledge. There is a demand for consistent upgrades and those upgrades must happen on the hour. This is true both in the natural and the spiritual, both for ministry and industry.

A certain tribe once produced all the strategists of a defense force, that there was nothing happening without them. They were ahead in knowledge, had understanding and were automatic leaders of the infantry, armoury etc. Yes, the sons of Issachar had understanding of the present time and as such understood what Israel should do, no wonder their brethren were at their commandment.

In one day of going to business as usual, the bestselling author, the favorite winning brand, the indomitable, invincible Samson lost everything just overnight. When the Philistines upgraded their knowledge of his power they defeated him. Scripture says “Samson got up like before but his power was gone”. He did not realize that the Philistines upgraded their knowledge.

The luxury of making our experience our trophy is too expensive for us to afford. That trophy called Experience quickly becomes antiquated. The holders of it quickly become irrelevant for failing to grow in knowledge…

 What’s the need of being the expert of something was a wrong method, or antiquated and disastrous procedure? Who needs a very experienced but irrelevant personnel or product. I am persuaded and do resolve to make progress. How about you?

…Just musing, learning from others and resharing with likeminds like you. Can we team up to add value to each other? We take out time at IGNITE to connect, learn, and share daily using various platforms online and onsite every second weekend in PHC. Find out how you can be a part of us too.

Hope this helps? Lemme know, leave a comment below, share your views…

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