When it comes to choice of marriage partner the problem some Christians have, and it’s an intellectual challenge, is reconciling the omnibus clause on the leading of the Spirit with the question of freewill. See God will never violate your will.

God gave us freewill.
The best the Holy Spirit can do is function in advisory capacity. He’s our mentor.
He doesn’t COMMAND people to marry each other, and won’t command you to marry someone, or give someone no choice but to marry you.

Otherwise, why would three or four brothers approach a Sister that God said: ‘You are my wife’?
This is no joke but a recurring trend we see today.
Some have even threatened and defrauded Sisters with God said you are my wife to the detriment of the Sister without conviction falling prey and starting relationships that have been abusive.
Just recently, I got a private message from a Sister narrating a friend’s ordeal who have been financially defrauded by a “Thus saith the Lord” marriage mantra, she ended up spending and spending and brothers take off after feeding off her wealth.

Do you know how many persons have been manipulated by so called MoGs or strong spiro brothers with THUS SAITH THE LORD?
All these leave us with the basics. If we grow well, and follow the Lord you will see marriage decisions is not very different from others and how we perceive God’s leading.
This is why we warn, dont use marriage to test HOW TO HEAR FROM GOD. Instead learn and practise sensitivity in everyday life decisions and choices, leverage on the ever present help available to you now!

That teaching of THUS SAITH THE LORD MARRIAGES comes from a command and control ideology that’s not founded on scriptures.
Cannot be supported by scriptures.
It’s oppressive, especially on women.

The Holy Spirit will give you a nudge of affirmation, or nudge you gently out of a wrong trajectory, give you some information you don’t know or cant know.
Depending on your relationship he’ll offer an opinion, sometimes strong.
Even at that it’s up to you whether you want to heed his advice or not, like on many other subjects, e.g. finance.

It’s ironic that the only topical “leading of the Spirit” is as per choice of marriage partner. Very ironic.

Practise taking steps after praying and you will notice that clarity will set in during the journey to continue or back off.
Don’t learn HOW TO HEAR GOD only when there are 25 proposals or Sisters to choose from.
Start now. Buy the book or request and I will send you on HOW TO BE LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT.

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