There seems to be living today a generation of people I will call  twitter Generation and Well Taught Saints

We would be looking at being courteous even while you’re Online today and we would be treating some critical issues..
Firstly, I will start with a story by Rev. Onayinka;

He wrote of a class mate who once shared the story of how he was rushing for an appointment (job interview) and was running late, still in traffic, then the rains started, he jumped out of his car with his umbrella, headed towards the interview place, on his way he met a woman, also in the rain, she asked for his help, almost hesitated but gave her shelter under his umbrella…, a conversation ensued and he unconsciously was Courteous etc ..
Later on, as the interview commenced, he saw the same lady, was actually the chief interviewer ,and infact the visiting overall C.E.O of the multinational firm! Who must have jumped out of her car too for the same interview! He sure got the job, despite his qualifications (very meritorious), it appeared the interview ended earlier while under the umbrella.

Moral Lessons: Can you come to the comment session and add your own moral lessons from this story?

  • Courtesy is not a dislike of anyone and discourtesy is no one’s friend.
  • Learn to speak politely, disagree politely, refer to others politely.
  • Too many young folks use the social media to display infantility. They blow chances and opportunities…
  • Never speak rudely online to people you should genuflect at their presence physically
  • It costs NOTHING to be polite, engage with decorous civility even when in a tone of discontent.
  • Courtesy and respect for Elders, Decency and proper upbringing have no locational limits; they are not exempted online either. Know your lane, honor others. This is why we say in especially in our ground rules and when I’m moderating an argument on IGNITE e-learning communities that:

We are gracious with our words, loving in our disposition and firm in our position, being patient with others, praying for illumination by the Holy Spirit.

Courtesy, ethics and etiquette for believers in a Social Media Generation….

A. When you private chat a Minister or Mentor or Senior Colleague :

  • Be courteous to greet with honor. Stop saying Hi to elders you should practically genuflect for… Never hide behind the keypad to be disrespectful. Greeting people before talking to them even in direct messaging won’t reduce our “anointing”
  • Don’t just greet, or say Hello Sir, how are you and go numb waiting for a response before stating your essence of conversation (by the way treat them with honor like you were standing face to face). These are busy people that you have privilege assess to. Don’t clog their space with spam. So here’s it, if you were just reaching out to greet them and say HELLO. Say so after greeting. E.g Good day Sir! Trust family is doing great and work is going well? I just thought to say HELLO Sir/Ma. (end of conversation)
  • Now if you actually wanted to ask a question or have a conversation and they were not answering you yet, greet and drop off your questions, believe they’ll read and get back to you. If they don’t politely remind or ask again. You are not entitled to anything, remember they also have a life and things to deal with. Hence you should be patient.
  • When private chatting, learn words like good morning sir or Ma, thanks etc. Hi? Is quite shallow to use if they were not your peers.
  • Be sure not to get attention of busy executives for gossip or mindless gist, they’ll not take you seriously at all. Same way don’t waste their time or start conversations in weird hours if it’s not an emergency or matter of grave concerns.

B. When commenting on people’s social media timeline

  • Never be disrespectful because you disagree with their views, don’t violate their space with your opinions, use your own wall to teach your views. We must also put on civility when posting on other people’s timeline. Truly, you no one, tribe or culture abhors respect. Honor begets Honor.
  • Assume others are older or deserve respect till otherwise proven.
  • Terms like sir and ma are not demeaning or expensive.
  • Use the words “Please Sir/Ma” “Thank You Sir/Ma” “Excuse me Sir/Ma” more often. Thanks is better than yeah. There are better terms than hmmm, lol, yea yea. Find them, use them. Remember, you do not need to comment on every trend or gist. Tame yourself and be intentional with your influence to shine as light in a dark world.
  • Do not create wars where there is none. Read and think carefully before you comment. Before you publish that tweet or post, don’t consider it solely based on what it means today. It’s best to be silent until you’re robustly educated on the matters at hand and therefore absolutely sure of your stand on social issues. When intoxicated or in a heightened emotional state, side with your angels and put the phone down. Beware of the banana peel of Social Media.
  • Avoid the craze and over excitement to like, share or retweet before reading a content. Do not like a post and read later then think after wards. Avoid commenting if you do not follow the trend or trail of conversation. Be sure to do a fact check before sharing a content that may be news or contradictory no matter the sentiment it whips in you.
  • Let your words be seasoned with Grace

Just before I sign out now, why do young people block their Mentors, Ministers and Parents, Accountability buddies etc from viewing their Whatsapp status, and hide their post from such… Is this a culture of Saints self?

Be careful and courteous about what you post on your time line, remember you are unconsciously branding yourself so doing. Meanwhile for your own safety, sanity and security, do not put out all your life details/happenings on social media unless you were doing a reality TV show. You don’t live on social media. Some have lost job interviews, Visa Interviews etc because of careless use of social media. Catch fun but don’t throw away decency, remember who you are in Christ Jesus!

Learn courtesy, respect, decency and decorum. It’s both humane and godly. Never forget, honor is a culture of the Saints in Christ Jesus. It’s our way of life, we can learn it more, imbibe and align!

We must never outgrow common sense.

I hope this  helps you? Comment below…

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