Complete Work of E. M. Bounds on Prayers

Prayer is one primary ground where everything we have learnt is applied.
We need no man to cajole us to pray if the burden of prayer comes on us really. Growing up earlier, sometime around 1998, I remember reading one small book, POWER THROUGH PRAYERS by E. M. Bounds, in one or two sitting and being drawn into prayer for four hours. It was my first time and it was so refreshing that I was alone without company! Doors locked, no distractions just pure koinonia experience. Yes, this kind of things still happen. Praying into convergence of seeing and knowing, enduring the invincible.

How we produce results beyond 2020 is by the instrumentality of the Spirit, looking at what God has said, not what is happening around us, as we look at He who is invincible! We are changed doing so…

In our lives we reproduce results by looking at what God has said. This is revelation of the gospel, and realizations from meditation dawns, that stirrs a revolution of the spirit within by speaking, seeing and knowing… Such that the things that are general to others become particular to us!
We don’t go by formula but seeing&knowing

In prayers, our eyes are opened, visions are generated, we can see and know! Its in prayers that we see&know, wit our eyes on JESUS, praying and clearing out obstacles that defy human intelligence. This is why we don’t begin 2020 by first Strategic Planning but protractedly praying, seeing the winning strategy for Strategic Living!

Concerning this new decade, 2020&beyond, pray till you see the strategy, the way to go, then take steps!
Concerning that Cross road you face, hear this: Jeremiah prophesied that you shall hear a voice saying, this is the way, walk in it!
Again we pray&engage, start now…

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