‘Fire’ is the new Fine (II)

Did you read the very first thoughts dropped here on Fire as the new fine? Fire burns and also gives light. No wonder Jesus would describe his cousin whom he knew not after the flesh as a burning and shining light (Jn 5:35). This is the real inner beauty. Alright lemme show you something. Pause And Ponder on this awhile. Its a long read but you need it…

Romans 1:11 King James Version (KJV)
11 For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift, to the end ye may be established;

In January 1962, a young exchange student studying at the Bible College of Wales in Swansea, was on his way home, when he decided to take an unguided sightseeing tour of London. As he walked, he came across a house with a nameplate on the front that said “George Jeffreys”. He wondered if it could be the “great George Jeffreys who had founded the Elim Pentecostal churches in Ireland and England” and whom he had read so much about.”

This is how he tells the rest of the story:

“There I rang the bell. A lady opened the door. ‘Pardon my intrusion, ma’am. Does George Jeffreys live here who was the famous firebrand evangelist I have heard so much about?’ ‘Yes, he does’.
‘May I see him?’
‘No. Under no circumstances.’
She had hardly said no when I heard a deep voice from within the house say, ‘Let the young man come in.’
…I stepped forward, took his hand and introduced myself. I told him I had a call of God on my life to be an evangelist and to preach the gospel in Africa. That I had been to college in Swansea (Bible College in Wales) and was now returning to Germany.

What happened next was extraordinary. All of a sudden, he took me by my shoulders and fell to his knees, pulling me to the floor with him. He placed his hands on my head and began to bless me as a father blesses a son, as Abraham blessed Isaac, who blessed Jacob, and on and on. The room seemed to light up with the glory of God as he poured out his prayer over me. I do not remember the words with which he blessed me, but I do remember their effect. My body felt electrified, tingling with divine energy.

After about half an hour he finished. I stood up and helped him to his feet. He seemed very frail. We said goodbye. The lady came and escorted me away. He could hardly stand. Nor could I, for different reasons.” That young man went on to become one of the greatest healing evangelists of his generation. His name was Reinhard Bonnke.

When Bonnke’s train arrived at the station of his parents town, his dad , who came to pick him up, told him that Jeffreys had just died.

The word of faith is taught but the spirit of faith must be ‘caught’.
We do not just read or listen to tapes; in reality we sit under anointed ministries doing so.
And there are impartations that jump on us sitting under anointed ministries not just listening to tapes or reading books, just as there are things that should be said face-to-face, things that should be experienced in the company of Saints. There are impartations that come like ‘inheritance of faith’.
There are impartations that can be coveted first learning and praying then the tranference by laying on of hands or laying of heart (if you know you know). By these impartations of the spirit, hands/hearts laid, spirit activations happen and it does many times in a company of other Saints, like Paul and Barnabas did in the Church at Antioch. I hope you realised that their fellowship were not necessarily regimented (story for another day).
We go for such too!

There is a whole lot that’s been on lately, lessons to learn and faith to follow in steps.
We have seen some great church fathers pass on to glory and some will yet do with the burning torch passed on not necessarily marked by ceremonies or come on others by proximity sometimes but by heart-connections at the Spirit’s discretion. The Billy Graham’s, Reinhardt Bonnke etc giants of whom the world was not worthy all are witnesses to how much God wants to use us to unleash the gospel. I can safely accent from statistics that Bonnke led about a million soul for every one year that he spent on earth. Its something to learn from too.

There’s a transition into glory of older saints who have wielded great power in our days. I dare say God always has a replacement squad!
A Joel’s Army, Gideon Army, Ezekiel Army, End time Army… folks who would not quiet until the ends of the earth is covered with the knowledge of God.

You see, it is with great power that we will preach this gospel, not just massive revelations alone. It will be substantiated like the early disciples also did. The kingdom of God is not in grammar but power, I hope you know!
All these will begin with a discipline of the spirit, imbibing the commitment of the early Apostles to give ourselves to Prayer and the Ministry of the word Acts 6:4

Oh the pure delight of moments of koinonia how irreplaceable it is not even by the material cares of this world. Such that the Apostles can be resolved to tell the Sorcerer Simon, your money perish with you!
Not even money can buy or replace it. Nothing we do for money will be strong enough excuse for our failure in this, giving ourselves to prayer and the word.

Friends, if your utmost passion and preference fall short of the things that are eternal, then materialism is setting in. We resist it, and stay aglow.
We go large on spirituals, yet relevant in all spheres(ministry/industry), pushing the agenda of the kingdom in shining as light from wherever we are found!

I am inspired to say, in our days, the gospel trends as the power of God unto salvation, souls saved, sick healed and saints raised!

Accept this also as a wake up call to stay ablaze, like John, a shining and burning light John 5:35

I am Moses Evivie saying,
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