Strategic Living (3)

Strategic Life And Business Mastery is an ebook that covers proven secrets in life and business mastery, relevant details on how to profit from your knowledge, succeed in your chosen industry and in ministry. It is a tent makers success guide.

Strategic Living requires winning strategy in life. Life is spiritual and winning requires warfare. Every outstanding feat trades on premium blueprints and engages the advantage or edge of favor influenced by any factors.

As believers we don’t just live by chance and wait on luck, we create our world with His Word In our lips, we have the advantage of the Spirit. We can be Led with the edge of the One who sits on the circle of the earth before whom time is not a constraints, seeing past, present and future. He entrust us to obey His leadings and align with His plans for us that are good and not evil to give us a future and a hope.

Now, we must settle it in our hearts that we don’t become failures in life not with eternal life at work in us. Whatever mistakes we made are solely our insensitivity or sheer disobedience to try self help or other means. We soon find out its best to follow the nudging of the Spirit. Abba is the Lord of the strategies and we have His mind in us to know what to do by being led aright, as we hear His voice saying, this is the way.

On being Led or receiving divine leading for Strategic Living, here’s Sekou Abodunrin’s exhortation:

As a saint, you already hear God a lot. The reason why it looks like you are “hearing” nothing is because your consciousness is switching between so many divergent opinions flying around in cyberspace. This is a profoundly acute challenge of this social media age. This generation has multiplied opportunities for distractions than the pre-social media generation. You were not designed to be shaped by all these e-things and e-voices that pull your consciousness in a thousand directions at once. Such confusion is not inherent in the new nature. In reality, to perceive better that which you already possess in Him, less is more. Stop enabling the internal civil war. You have to learn to declutter in order that you might become sharper at recognising God’s voice already present in His word and in you. Remember that you began in the spirit, live and walk in the spirit and are in the spirit. Therefore, spiritual things are real to you. His spirit in you is the status of being led.

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